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Technology of Facesoft featured in Natural History Museum Documentary

The main focus of this research project was to morph and show how a present human (Homo sapiens) would look like as a Neanderthal. Neanderthals became extinct roughly around 30,000 years ago. In order to achieve this task, we began … Read More

Imperial Innovations annouces Facesoft launch!

Facesoft launches improved facial recognition technology Imperial Innovations, the technology commercialisation partner for Imperial College London, announces the launch of new Imperial spinout company, Facesoft. Facesoft uses proprietary machine learning models and databases to improve computer-generated 3D face reconstruction and … Read More

Facesoft wins programm/able competition!

Facesoft comes first in the Programm/able finals!     Programm/able is a combined software and business competition held at Imperial College London.┬áDuring the Programm/able final event, which was held on the 13th June 2017, 11 teams pitched to a panel … Read More