About Facesoft

Facesoft is a company formed through a unique combination of a plastic surgeon and a reader in machine learning and computer vision. Our vision is that: “facesoft technology will be used in every software that interacts with or generates human faces from the real world, to augmented and virtual realities”. Facesoft is a spinout of Imperial College London and aims to be a leader in automatic face analysis, including but not limited to 2D/3D face reconstruction and tracking, face and facial expression recognition, facial motion capture, etc. Facesoft won Imperials Programm/able competition in 2017 and is the first of a new generation of spinouts from Imperial under the new “founder’s choice” programme. The technology of the company currently includes the most anatomical accurate statistical model of the 3D face, as well as a very accurate statistical model of 3D facial expressions. The face recognition algorithms have been tested in international competitions and have found to be amongst the best in the world with accuracy levels of greater than 98%. The company aims to make the technology available on a cloud platform, as well as to develop software for advanced face analysis applications. Proprietary data within facesoft includes over 2.5 million high resolution scans of faces of all ethnicities, age groups and genders with various facial expressions. With this technology we are able to create and animate highly realistic 3D faces which avoid the dangers of the “uncanny valley”. Currently we are completing a seed round with multiple investors including the inventor of Amazon’s Alexa. Moreover, we are securing deals with titans of industry such as Huawei.

Our Team

Allan Ponniah

Chief Executive Officer
Allan is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a keen interest in facial reconstruction and artificial intelligence and its applications. He has a vivid entrepreneurial spirit and aspires to make Facesoft the leading company in the field.

Stefanos Zafeiriou

Chief Technology Officer
Stefanos Zafeiriou is currently also a Reader in Machine Learning and Computer Vision with the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, leading a world renowned group in Machine Learning for Human Sensing. He has more than 5k citations to his work and more than 200 publications in the top venues of the field such as CVPR, ICCV, ICML, etc.

Grigorios Chrysos

Machine Learning Scientist
Grigoris has been conducting research in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning for the last five years. Previously, he was involved with startups through i) the EF scheme (EF5), ii) as a member of a small startup in graphic design. He enjoys discussing and exploring new ideas in the field of representation learning in high-dimensional spaces.

Jiankang Deng

Face Recognition Expert
Jiankang Deng is a PhD student at Imperial College London, funded by the Imperial President's PhD Scholarships. His primary research interests are deep learning based face recognition and visual localisation. He has particular interests in building real-world working systems (e.g., Insightface) and won many visual perception challenges (e.g., ImageNet and ActivityNet).

Stylianos Moschoglou

Machine Learning Scientist
Stylianos is a PhD student at Imperial College London, funded by an EPSRC scholarship. His primary research interests are statistical machine learning and deep learning with applications in 2D/3D face analysis. In his spare time he likes building websites, likes this one!

Stylianos Ploumpis

Computer Vision / Graphics Scientist
Stylianos is a PhD student at Imperial College London with main focus on 3D modeling of human faces. He holds a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc degree in Computer Science. His research interests lie in the field of 3D Computer Vision, 3D Morphable Models and Machine Learning. Apart from being a scientist he is an exceptional tennis player.

Evangelos Ververas

Computer Vision / Graphics Scientist
Evangelos Ververas is a PhD student and Teaching Scholar at Imperial College London. His main research interests are 3D morphable models and machine learning for 3D reconstruction and analysis of human faces. Apart from being a researcher, Evangelos is a big fan of football.

Vasilios Triantafyllou

Computer Graphics / Visualisation Expert
Vasilios specialises in Scientific Visualisation for Realtime Computer Graphics. He holds a BSc in Physics and Astrophysics and an MSc in Information Communication Technology. His greatest passion is procedural 3D creation and VR production with 360 Photographic and Video, Photogrammetric and Computer generative techniques.